‘Tis The Season for Stupid Commercials

Commercials are always annoying, but at Christmas time they’re worse.  It’s unfair.  Normally, I’d flip channels during commercials, but during Christmas I’m looking for deals.   So I watch.  And guess what?  I’d rather pay full price.


Four Really Bad Christmas Commercials

4.  T-Mobile’s 4G Wonderland.

This one isn’t an attack on Christmas or anything.  It’s more of a bad judgement call and a funny one.  Until my kid asks me what an orgy is.

3.  Kohls Rebecca Black Friday ad.  

The first time I saw this I thought it was funny.  Then, I got ticked off because there was such a song to make fun of and that I knew what it was.  That’s valuable brain space I could use to learn all the state capitols or something.

2.  Best Buy “Game On Santa.”  

Mom getting snarky with Father Christmas?  Don’t get me wrong.  I like snark.  But is nothing sacred?  Santa Claus is the symbol of Christmas magic, the spirit of giving, and our children’s innocence.   You don’t mess with that.  Major fail, Best Buy.

1.  Lexus  December to Remember Event

If somebody played the Lexus song for me, I would have NO idea what it was.  Who knows the Lexus song?   If someone had a music box made that plays the Lexus jingle, I’d be confused.  “What crappy song is this?  Where’s the  Clair de Lune,  Brahms’s Lullaby, or Beautiful Dreamer?”  If someone bought me a Lexus for Christmas, I’d punch them in the face.  Who buys a freaking Lexus for somebody as a Christmas present?

If you want to play me a jingle, make it the McDonalds one, recorded in one of those recordable cards, with a McDonalds gift card inside.   If you made the gift card for the amount you’d spend on that giant bow for the Lexus that would be great.    $50 buys a lot of Happy Meals.

Bada-ba-ba-ba.  I’m lovin’ it.