My Cakes

Toolbox Cake for His and Hers Wedding ShowerBook cake for English Major

Scrabble Cake Replica of Proposal Scrabble Game

Canon Camera

Diaper Bag

Fondant Froggies

Seashells on the Beach

Flip-Flops on the Beach


Georgia Bulldogs with Smash Cake

Harry Potter's Firebolt


Orange Calla Lilies on Wedding Cake

It's a Girl (Poor photo quality)

Close-up of baby (Poor quality)

Sock Monkeys Modeled After Child's Favorite Stuffed Animal

Eyelet Lace Cake Detail

Barnyard Cake based on party invitations

Book cake for English MajorClassic Lilies

Wedding Flowers

Spirals Wedding Cake

High TeaSweet Hearts

Pretty in Pink

Death by Chocolate Roses

It's a Boy!

Basketweave and Flowers

Harley Davidson

Girl's 1st Birthday with Smash Cake

Lilies and ScrollsGulfstream Cake

Relay for Life Rice Crispy Shoes

Relay For Life Wonky Cake Fondant People

Teacher Appreciation

Happy Thanksgiving

Tink with Flowers and a Big Bow

Basket of Violets

LEGO Mini-Figure Head Cake

Voila! A LEGO mini-figure head! The facial features were done by my son.

John Deere Tractor--Pixar Style

The Horse Cake

Ball and Chain Wedding Cake


32 thoughts on “My Cakes

  1. Wow I love your camera cake! It looks very realistic. I just bought that exact brand (canon rebel) two weeks ago.

    • That used to bother me, too. Now I get a little annoyed if someone doesn’t cut it and eat it (people have taken them home uncut before, for some unknown reason). I also try to make sure it TASTES good and if no one eats it, that’s wasted effort. I could just make it taste like cardboard. 😉

  2. I came across your blog, when reading another person’s blog on Freshly Pressed. And then I saw the word “cakes” on your blog and of course, ended up here! 😀

    Great designs! I’m trying to work with butter cream icing for cakes instead of fondant. Although, butter cream doesn’t give you that look of flawlessness that fondant does, it is so yummy! 😛 The camera cake seriously looked like a real camera!

    • Thanks for stopping by! I agree that buttercream is better tasting than fondant. In my experience most people peel the fondant off anyway so I make sure there’e a good amount of buttercream underneath to still make the cakes yummy. My personal preference is to use BC and add fondant accents whenever possible.

      I took a gander at your blog and you have some really good advice for the newly married. It’s difficult to mesh two distinct personalities into a “successful” couple, but it can be done. I think the biggest myth is that everything should just “click.” The reality is that it is WORK and it takes a concerted effort and loads of compromise and compassion.

  3. What do you think would be a good cake for a 1980’s theme birthday party? We are doing a 1980’s theme for my birthday this year since I was born in 1982. Ought to be fun!

    • Ohhh. I wish someone would order an 80s cake. Here are a couple options: casette tape, PacMan, Atari, Boombox, and the one I would do if it were up to me: THE RUBIK’S CUBE!

      The Rubik’s cube would also be the easiest since it’s just a square painted or iced with squares. If you do it yourself, Google Rubik’s Cube Cake and you’ll have loads of examples!

      Happy Birthday!

  4. Thanks for the insight! I will probably go with the Rubick’s cube or maybe Pacman. I used to love pacman when I was a little girl so that is appropriate. I am sure I will not make it myself. We will hire someone. I do good to prepare an out of the box cake. lol.

  5. These cakes are AMAZING!!!!!!!!! You’re very talented and creative. I’ve always wanted to do this (I bake bread instead). I love the scrabble cakes and I imagine cutting little itty bitty pieces of the cake. Pretty in Pink is cute. The baby must have been a real challenge … it looks so real. I just don’t know if I could cut a piece of it … so life like. Again, I salute you for being a mom, a baker, a reader and everything else that makes you great.

    • The Scrabble cake is one of my favorites and I can imagine cutting it into tiny squares as well. As for the baby, that was done with a mold. I don’t think I could do one that lifelike on my own. I am tackling Rapunzel (Tangled version) this week for my daughter and she’s expecting an exact replica. We’ll see. And thanks for the kudos, but really, I’m not that great. I’m a TERRIBLE housekeeper. 🙂

  6. Hey! that was a real feast for the eyes….amazing…would be an understatement!My psl fav was the CS Lewis! 🙂 One of my fav authors….have you read Screwtape letters?..Its hilarious …but speaks truth also!

  7. Wow… u r incredibly talented. The scrabble cake was probably my most fav, invoked those pre-internet years when scrabble used to be a family affair in my household. Kudos to u… 🙂

  8. I am speechless… your cakes are stunning! I wish I could do that. Lovely! Your cakes just convinced me to subscribe…LOL! I also just found you on Twitter! Thanks for posting … these are truly inspirational! ~Pam

    • I get that a lot. Nobody ever wants to cut the cakes. They used to make me do it. I say, “cut it!” I spent a lot of time baking that and I don’t want it going to waste. If all they wanted was a centerpiece I could’ve done it on a styrofoam form and saved the trouble. Of course, that takes a little of the amazement factor out of it.

      I’m glad you liked the cakes. The camera is one of my favorites, too.

    • Thank you! I haven’t been decorating much lately. No demand for it and honestly, I’m not into it right now. Probably because my hands hurt and fall asleep all the time. It makes it hard. Glad you like the style. I thought a darker theme would be a nice change.

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