A Birthday Party at the Commune

Happy Birthday Hippie Style

Happy Birthday Molly! 9 Years Old. Wow.

Okay, so it wasn’t a commune. It was a campground. But when the birthday girl is wearing a bathing suit with peace signs and hearts on it, the cake is decorated to look like a tie-dyed peace sign, and everyone shares a bathroom, a campground has a definite commune vibe.

My daughter had a slumber party.  There was a pool, a lake to fish in, swans and ducks to feed, a fire to roast marshmallows over, and a cabin to make bohemian bracelets and watch movies in.  It was a pretty good birthday party.  Only 4 girls showed up instead of the 7 she invited, but that was fine by me.   I had help, but I don’t know if we could have handled an extra three girls and still maintained our sanity.

The weather was perfect.  Not humid or too hot, which is a minor miracle for June in Savannah, Georgia.  The girls had fun and my friend and I had a pot of Starbucks coffee, our laptops to get some Camp NaNoWriMo writing done, and we even got to watch a movie that didn’t feature animals or mermaid Barbie.

Oh yes.  A cake picture.  Molly wanted a peace sign.  A tie-dyed peace sign.  As usual, I didn’t put as much effort into my kid’s cake as I do for others (bad mama).  It turned out okay but my son was spot-on when he said, “It’s not your best.”  At least he’s honest (the butthead.)  The picture quality isn’t great, either.  As usual, I forgot the camera (bad mama) and had to take the picture with my crappy phone camera.

tie-dyed peace sign cake


No, she’s not a hippie.  She’s a normal 9yo who has been bitten by the fashion bug known as Justice.  You know the clothing store–an explosion of glitter, peace signs, hearts, and too short shorts.  I don’t allow the shorts but the tops and dresses are okay.  She adores it.  Good thing, because she got $75 worth of gift cards to spend there.  She couldn’t be happier.

Somewhere in the last year, my baby grew up.  She looks older (thanks to bangs), is an expert eye roller, and always has a smart-butt comment for everything.  If she’s this lovely at 9, I can’t wait to see her at 15.  I can feel the gray hairs sprouting, just thinking about it.


6 thoughts on “A Birthday Party at the Commune

  1. The DarkGlobe sent me! LOL. I can totally relate! I have 7 kids. My oldest daughter is 17. She told me this morning to go out and find peace sign earrings for her entire dance team… YAY me! I get to spend the senior year buying goodies for 18 girls. How’d she get this old? And how much longer can I hold off the grey hairs??

  2. Glad there was nice weather and you got some writing done. The cake looks pretty good to me. Better than I could have done. I probably would have just frosted a peace sign on top.

  3. We have a 9 year-old too – turning 10 in September. She has been here a year. When I met her in 2010 she was a tiny little, cute-as-a-button little angel. She was pretty much the same when she arrived last year. NOW? I think she could probably give your 9 year-old a run for her money. She hasn’t found Justice yet – perhaps we don’t have it, I’ll have to google, but it sounds just her style. She has an answer for EVERYTHING too. It must be the age. The Trouble Princess. 🙂

    Sounds like a great party and I am glad the weather stayed bearable. The cake looks great!

    I have 4 days off and am going to try to catch up on at least SOME of my reading!!!

    • I’m impressed you manage to blog so often with all you have going on. I’m back to it, but I’m not working. I’ve missed reading other blogs and writing for my own.

      Tell me, is your 9-going-on-25-year-old an expert eye-roller, too? Sometimes, I want to smack her in the back of the head and roll them the right way. 🙂

      • Eye rolling is not a Nigerian mannerism, so I am safe. They have much more dramatic expressions, total over acting. You’d thing the world was going to end if they don’t like something.

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