My First Guest Post!

Hey, all.  Long time, no see.  It’s been a crappy two weeks.  My oldest daughter was sick and in pain with two really nasty ear infections.  I missed three days of work staying home with her.  Then, I got sick and couldn’t take any more days off.  So I’ve pushed through the week so far–the longest stinking week in the history of the world.  Oh well, I only have to make it through the next two days and then a three-day weekend.  Woo-hoo!

In happier news, I’m doing my very first guest post over at The Scoop On Poop.  I’m flattered she asked me and I’m really nervous about it.  It’s one thing if I suck on my own blog.  But what if I stink up her blog?  (Ha.  “Stink up” The Scoop on Poop.)    Anyway, I’ve decided to do something and it’s a pretty big deal.  Seriously life changing.  You know you’re dying to know what it is I’ve decided to do.

To find out, clink here to go over to The Scoop on Poop and read all about it.  Leave a comment and then check out the rest of The Scoop.  You won’t be sorry.  She’s seriously the poop, people.

The Scoop on Poop

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