A Sick But Satisfying Weekend At Home

I’ve had a cold for a while.  A stuffy nose and a cumbersome cough annoyed me for weeks.  But that’s all it was–an annoyance.  Then, back to work for only two days after a two-week vacation, and real sickness set in.  I felt like someone was jamming an ice pick in my ear and I couldn’t sleep for the wretched coughing.  To the doctor.

Double ear infections. Then I lost my voice.  That didn’t keep me from whining, though.

Oh, my ears.  My head hurts.  I’m dizzy.  I can’t hear anything.  I’m tired.  I can’t even yell at my kids.  The horror.  The horror.

Is it any wonder the husband said he’d do dinner and sent me to bed?  Is it any wonder he didn’t protest when I stayed there for most of the weekend?

I don’t remember the last time I spent the weekend in bed.  Certainly not after my kids were born.  The little suckers couldn’t care less how tired mom is when they’re hungry or wet or cold or awake or can’t find their finger and/or pacifier and they scream their precious little guts out.

Newborn baby

Love those lips!

Maybe after gall bladder surgery?  I was hopped up on so much pain medication, I don’t even remember.  Point is, I stayed in bed and it was wonderful, once the antibiotics and ibuprofen kicked in and my ears didn’t hurt as much any more.

I took my Nook Color to bed, downloaded the Words With Friends app and a couple of books, and settled in.  I read a lot–finished two books, started a third.  I even wrote a review using that little bitty touch pad (The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach)  I checked Facebook, eavesdropped on Twitter, answered a few emails and read a few blogs–all on my Nook Color, from my bed.  It was fantastic.

Most importantly, I got some rest.  I needed it.  That two-week vacation wasn’t rest.  It was constant going and doing with my overly excited children.  Going back to work was almost a relief, aside from the flare-up of my back pain.  Yet another reason I needed the rest.

It’s Sunday afternoon, my house is a horrible mess and I skipped both church services but I feel zero guilt.  I feel…



5 thoughts on “A Sick But Satisfying Weekend At Home

  1. It feels like being sick is the only real rest I get. I know it’s not really true, but it feels that way. Hope you feel better soon- I wondered what was wrong since you’re not beating me by your usual 400-point margin!

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