‘Tis The Season for Stupid Commercials

Commercials are always annoying, but at Christmas time they’re worse.  It’s unfair.  Normally, I’d flip channels during commercials, but during Christmas I’m looking for deals.   So I watch.  And guess what?  I’d rather pay full price.


Four Really Bad Christmas Commercials

4.  T-Mobile’s 4G Wonderland.

This one isn’t an attack on Christmas or anything.  It’s more of a bad judgement call and a funny one.  Until my kid asks me what an orgy is.

3.  Kohls Rebecca Black Friday ad.  

The first time I saw this I thought it was funny.  Then, I got ticked off because there was such a song to make fun of and that I knew what it was.  That’s valuable brain space I could use to learn all the state capitols or something.

2.  Best Buy “Game On Santa.”  

Mom getting snarky with Father Christmas?  Don’t get me wrong.  I like snark.  But is nothing sacred?  Santa Claus is the symbol of Christmas magic, the spirit of giving, and our children’s innocence.   You don’t mess with that.  Major fail, Best Buy.

1.  Lexus  December to Remember Event

If somebody played the Lexus song for me, I would have NO idea what it was.  Who knows the Lexus song?   If someone had a music box made that plays the Lexus jingle, I’d be confused.  “What crappy song is this?  Where’s the  Clair de Lune,  Brahms’s Lullaby, or Beautiful Dreamer?”  If someone bought me a Lexus for Christmas, I’d punch them in the face.  Who buys a freaking Lexus for somebody as a Christmas present?

If you want to play me a jingle, make it the McDonalds one, recorded in one of those recordable cards, with a McDonalds gift card inside.   If you made the gift card for the amount you’d spend on that giant bow for the Lexus that would be great.    $50 buys a lot of Happy Meals.

Bada-ba-ba-ba.  I’m lovin’ it.


39 thoughts on “‘Tis The Season for Stupid Commercials

  1. Wow that first one does sound like orgy wonderland doesn’t it? The Friday song is annoying enough without adding a parody in a commercial. I think the lady in the Santa one best sums her commercial up: awkward. Haha I would not know the Lexus jingle either. I think the only people who buy cars as presents for people are parents/guardians and spouses. In either case it was probably something they were going to do anyway but by putting a bow on it they get to avoid buying the next year (or several) of other gifts.

  2. Those Lexus ads cover all politically correct bases except the reality of the old man buying it for his much younger but more understanding new love.

    Love the Hess commercial but nostalgia does that to me!

  3. Hahaha! Orgy or 4g! haha! Sorry but that was funny–until you had to explain it … then I was bad and laughed at that too. Gotta love it when you have to explain those kinds of things to little ones.

    Wishing you and yours the very best Christmas and New Years girl! many blessings and peace!

    • Luckily, none of my children have asked about that yet. If one does, it’ll be the 8yo or the 6yo. My plan is to pretend that “orgy” isn’t a real word.

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours, Shonnie!

  4. I hate hate HATE the Lexus commercials! I rant about them every time they’re on, which I’m sure my husband loves since they are on constantly. But he was also the one who pointed out the orgy/4G thing and now that’s all I hear so I suppose we’re even. HOWEVER I will disagree with you on the Best Buy one. That one cracks me up, especially since she looks and sounds like a friend of ours!

  5. Is there really a “lexus song”? I’m so floored by this! I would never make such a connection. I HATE that Black Friday commercial, almost as much as I hate the Justin Beiber one for Macy’s. Two great stores really disappointing me with their commercial decisions!

    • Hold on, now. Don’t hate on the Bieb’s Macy’s commercial. I think that one is hilarious! Grown men screaming like girls is some funny stuff.

      There is a Lexus song and I’m happy to say, though I’ve seen these commercials several times, I still don’t know what it sounds like. I made an effort NOT to hear it and now I just change the channel. Gag.

  6. I just heard a DJ on 91.9 HIS radio talking about that same Lexus commercial! He said that if his spouse gave him a Lexus with a big bow on it for Christmas, he would say, “Take it back! Oh thanks, honey. You got me bankruptcy with a big bow on it for my Christmas present! Just what I wanted for Christmas… to declare bankruptcy paying for this car. Yay.”

  7. It’s truly sad that a holiday like Winter Solstice, which has been enjoyed all over the world was hijacked to become Christmas and then commercialized. Oh when will we humans ever learn?

  8. As it ends up, I’m watching a lot of different shows right now on T.V., so I’m seeing a lot more Commercials than I’d ever care to see… In fact, for most of the last 20 years, the main reason I hadn’t watched much T.V., is because I simply couldn’t deal with Commercials. DVR’s help with that.

    But man, like you say, as soon as Black Friday Hit, there’s been a Zillion Christmas Commercials… Which wouldn’t be so bad, if most of them didn’t simply suck…

    The Lexus one is so ridiculous, I had to explain it to my Mom and her Boyfriend, because like you say, there is no way in hell that I would recognize that dumb theme song…

    4g = Orgy? wow, that’s bad if yer kid got Orgy from 4g, sounds like they need to drop that commercial, lol… I haven’t seen it before now.

    ahhhhhhhhhhhh the FRIDAY SONG!!!

    Love the Christmas Theme btw


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  11. I was laughing all the way through this! 😀 And I love the festive layout… very Christmassy! Kinda makes me wanna go eat a mince pie. Mmm. Thanks, momfog!

  12. Found this on the WordPress forums. Thanks for sharing but I can’t bring myself to thank you for reminding me of the Rebecca Black song. I thought I’d forgotten it but no…that’s another day’s earworm. 🙂

    Thanks for the laugh.

  13. I couldn’t agree more. All of these commercials are terrible. All I can say without being kicked off of this site..is..shame on all of those who thought that any of these commercials have any value to anyone..do any of you have kids?? It is ridiculous/ I have no clue what this world is coming to..and I’m only 41..all of these commercials need to be banned and shame on the actresses and actors who participated. None have any value and the Best Buy commercials especially…what do you think that tells children??? Are you trying to destroy Christmas?? I will not be shopping at Best Buy or T-mobile…ridiculous commercialized bs..sad day when these commercials are allowedto air..well..its a sad day..

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