Walking With Purpose

As anyone who’s read this blog before knows, I am a Christian.  I’m not preachy or “in your face,” because, quite frankly, I find that annoying, not to mention counter-productive.  I prefer to live my life in accordance with what I believe and love my neighbor as myself.  I don’t keep my religion a secret but I’m not going to beat anyone over the head with it, either.

But (you knew there was a “but” coming, didn’t you?) sometimes, something comes along that feels like it was just for me.  A sermon or a Bible verse that speaks to me about what I’m going through at that exact moment.  Giving me an answer before I even knew how to word the question.  This post is about one of those times.  I hesitated sharing it because I know some people don’t want to hear it.  Then I realized I was being dumb.  What if I have a reader who needs to hear it, too? 

A few months ago, Dawn, a friend of mine, sent me a note on Facebook.  It was what I needed at exactly the right time.  I asked her if I could share it on my blog and she agreed.  I wrote an introduction and a response.  I didn’t feel good about it, so I didn’t publish it. 

I was looking through some drafts, wondering what to post, and came across this.  I needed to read it again.  I know why it was wrong a few months ago.  I was trying to add something to it when it wasn’t at all necessary.  It was perfect, as is.  Dawn had already  said it all and said it better.  I hope you find it as encouraging as I do.


Romans 8:28 “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to HIS purpose.”

This is a verse we all have memorized or at the very least have heard quoted many times. People use it as comfort for others who are going through difficult times and to some who have been through many trials, it can almost become a cliche’. Through tears and forced smiles we internally roll our eyes and wonder “where is the good in THIS situation, GOD? Where is the goodness for ME?”

This is when we need to closely examine the verse and look at those last few words. “who are called according to HIS purpose.”

It’s been 9 years since my husband got his degree and joined the military. He has his “career.” I worked hard to help him get through that. We’ve been through trials of our own: a transition into the “military lifestyle” that is more different than most people realize, the birth of conjoined twins, life in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and then their death 6 months later, the adoption of two children with special needs from foreign countries, the diagnosis of our oldest biological son with Asperger’s Syndrome are all just part of our story. Through it all, I knew that God had something “good” for me but when the dust cleared and everything settled down, still I struggled. I struggled with who I was. I was a 30 something “stay at home mom” with no degree and (in my mind) no value beyond wiping noses, finding lost shoes and cleaning up messes! I needed God’s wisdom for the quiet time in my life just as much as I did when I was going through those hard times! This is when new light was shed on this verse. There’s so much value in the first part “God works all things together for good” but who is that for? “To those who love God.” OK I love God. CHECK! but I started thinking: Am I “called according to HIS purpose?” What *is* my purpose?

As I prayed and sought an answer from God, I began to realize that God’s purpose for this season of my life is to be intentional with my children; to raise them in these few years that they are mine to find God’s purpose for THEM! Not only is that “OK” for me right now, it’s PRECIOUS and VALUABLE! In a society where so many children are cast aside, I have a greater calling.

I want to challenge you today. What is God’s purpose for you? Have you found it? Are you walking in it? If so, have peace! Because HE will work all things together for your good!


17 thoughts on “Walking With Purpose

  1. This is beautiful and what I needed today so thanks for sharing. I just posted a facebook status that says “Always trust and have faith in the big picture” I literally pulled over on the side of the road to post it because I felt that someone out there may need to hear it as much as I have needed to repeat it to myself over and over. Sure enough, I got many comments back saying that this small statement was just what “they” needed. I say, always share what’s in your heart. I have a problem editing and trying to please everyone, and all that does is create a standstill in my writing or sharing and no one benefits. Thanks for your bravery and your honesty, both Dawn and Erin.

    • See there? I knew someone would need this reminder as much as I do. It’s so easy to live in the past or the future and miss out on the present. Raising children is a privilege and I hate to think I’m missing it by concentrating on what else I could be doing. I’m exactly where I need to be at this moment. It doesn’t mean I have to give up what I want to do. I just have to make sure I do what I’m supposed to do as successfully as I can. My kids are only going to be little once.

  2. To Dawn and Erin – whether you reach the realisation through your faith or not, the realisation is so important.

    “I began to realize that God’s purpose for this season of my life is to be intentional with my children; to raise them in these few years that they are mine to find God’s purpose for THEM! Not only is that “OK” for me right now, it’s PRECIOUS and VALUABLE! In a society where so many children are cast aside, I have a greater calling.”

    This is a realisation that I wish ALL parents would reach. Having watched my husband watch so many “lost” children in the area where he goes to school and in his classes, I can assure you, your realisation, whether passed to you as part of your faith or not, is a blessing I wish all parents shared, no matter what their religion, race, ethnicity or any of the other characteristics we love to classify humans by.

    • Footnote, Erin – publish what is right for you when it is right. You can never please all of the people all of the time. Even non-believers can appreciate the thoughts and sentiments. 🙂

      • Thanks so much, Robyn. I knew this subject would touch your heart, regardless of its inspiration.

        I don’t censor myself, but I know there are some angry atheists, Christians, and all things in between out there with an ax to grind, and I do not want that drama on my blog. Thankfully, I have reasonable readers. 🙂

  3. Thank you for posting this, it really spoke to me. I’ve been comtemplating the direction of my life and my purpose lately. And I am reminding myself of how much I am blessed with what God has already given me. Your words came at the right time.

    • So glad. I’ve struggled with the “just a mom” syndrome since my first child was born. It’s ridiculous, really. Do you know any moms who are “just” anything? I sure don’t. Right now, I’m a mom FIRST. Everything else is gravy and there’s a whole lot of gravy in the Momfog household.

  4. This was a great message and what this woman has been through…WOW….just WOW…there are no words. Knowing she has been through all of THAT and is still trying to do with God has called her to do is very inspirational and thanks for your courage to share this!

  5. What an encouragement! There are so many times when it seems impossible to decipher God’s purpose, and life is just a big ugly mess. What a comfort to know that God has it under control, and all we have to do is love Him, obey Him, and be open to His guiding. Thanks so much for posting this blessing!

  6. Aww. I came back to get this because it was easier to find this here than on facebooks new “timeline.” I’m still lost. I figured I might need these words to fill space since I’ve started blogging again and decided to sign up for NaBloPoMo. I hadn’t read all the other comments. Thanks everyone for the nice words! Come on over to my blog for a visit! I’m just getting started!

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