Giraffe Cake

I have so many posts in draft that I could finish, but it’s 11:30 on Sunday night and I don’t feel like thinking.  Besides, tomorrow is Monday.  Who feels like reading on a Monday?  So, for your pleasure and mine, a cake.  Cake is always a good idea.

It’s not the best cake I’ve ever done, but I think it’s cute.  I drew the giraffe free-hand and it wasn’t my idea to make it blue with neon green spots.  However, the color palette is my favorite part about this cake.  All the colors were vibrant and cheerful and my client (and her daughter) were happy.  Success!

In other cake news, I’m doing a wedding cake in December.  I always get nervous doing wedding cakes.  A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event (theoretically) and the cake needs to be perfect.  Ach, wish me luck.


9 thoughts on “Giraffe Cake

  1. Love the giraffe. It is cute!

    Good luck with the wedding cake. You’ll do fine, better than me in fact. I just transported a couple dozen of wedding cupcakes yesterday. My entire kitchen was covered with a light layer of icing sugar. My right arm aches now.

    • Oh, I’m familiar with the sugar coating and the hand hurting. Fortunately, my hand falls asleep fairly quickly and I can proceed pain free. Until it wakes back up and then aches for days, from thumb to elbow. The joys of carpal tunnel.

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