A Scary Text

OMG I am freaking out. What do I do? My dad is gonna kill Jason and my mom will kill me. I’m not telling them until after prom.  What if I’m showing before then?


Write On Edge Writing Prompt:

For this week’s Red Writing Hood prompt, we’re inviting you to truly scare us.

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

Compose a post in the form of a text160 characters.

Your text must elicit or express fear.


I have two girls and I’m terrified.  How about you?


28 thoughts on “A Scary Text

    • Oh, I’ll be digging through my girls’ phones. Sorry girls, until you’re out of my house, your business is my business. They’re really going to hate me. 🙂

    • I love my girls. They’re so much fun and I relive my childhood with them. Of course, they’re not teenagers yet. I really would prefer not to relive that and I hope this is just a baseless fear. Think positively.

    • I was wondering how realistic it was for a teenage girl to actually send this kind of text. Then I realized it’s completely believable. Teenage girls and discretion do not go together.

  1. Having raised one girl (married now, mid-thirties) and with two more growing up – all I can say is prevention is better than cure! Make sure they know how the body works, don’t leave them believing if they don’t kiss (but they do the rest) they won’t get pregnant!

    My grandmother told my mother about the “birds and the bees” the night before she got married – I make sure they know about real people at 10. 🙂

    Scary text! 😆

    • 10. That’s only a couple of years away. I better start preparing myself for it. I don’t want to. Maybe their father can take care of that? Yeah, right. He’d totally screw them up.

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