Wordless Wednesday: MomFog’s Survival Kit


24 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: MomFog’s Survival Kit

    • I leave an acceptable window of time between the questionable combos. The sleep aid to help me sleep at night, the coffee to help me wake up the next morning after taking sleep aid, the Non-Drowsy Nyquil Daytime to stop my sinuses from driving me crazy.

      I think I’m okay. 🙂

  1. That’s too funny. Of course we all have own survival kits. Mine is similar to yours, at least the Ibuprofen, the coffee and the heartburn medicines. My wife and I both take a Benadryl before bed lately to help with sleep. It seems to help.

  2. Your father said it is all my fault ~ to which I reminded him to take a look around, some of these things were ” PASSED ” on to me as well ~ And you get it from both sides of the family ~ But Nyquil ? NOT on my worst day ! Yuck ~

  3. Mmm… mine’s Ibuprofen, the occasional anti-histamine (which helps me sleep… sometimes), and lots of peppermints that keep me going through the day (but do terrible things to my tongue).

    And I don’t even have any kids! (Apart from the inner one).

    • No coffee?

      I think I do need to make it clear that I don’t take all these things every day. Coffee, cigarettes, and ibuprofen–yes. But the rest is only when REALLY needed. Maybe a couple times a week.

    • I’m glad you approve. Kids are all home today for Columbus Day. Right about now, those sleeping pills are looking mighty good. *sigh* I guess I should go for the coffee instead, though.

  4. This made me laugh. I just read your very serious post and got curious. I had to come see the survival kit!
    Mine would look like Diet Coke, Rolaids, Benadryl, Advil liquid-gels, and chocolate.

    Sleep well my friend.

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