Tweet a Story

In my newly founded Plan, I’m supposed to write something every day.  So I decided to do a writing prompt from Write On Edge.  The prompt was:

Let’s lighten it up around here. And when I say lighten, I mean REALLY lighten.

This week’s assignment will require the fewest number of words ever: we want you to write a story – your choice of topic – as a tweet.

That’s right. One hundred and forty characters. Not words. Characters.

Make us laugh. Make us think. Make us want more.

Mostly, have FUN with this. You’ve earned it.

Come back Friday and link up.

I chose a horror story.  The best part?  The hashtag makes sense, even if you don’t know what WOE stands for.




22 thoughts on “Tweet a Story

    • No, I didn’t do this. I woke up at 9:15 this morning, completely aware it was Saturday. I haven’t forgotten my kids…yet. I did, however, leave my 10 yo at home this summer. I thought he was with daddy, daddy thought he was with me. Turns out he was in his room, playing the Nintendo DS. I came back to the house 1 1/2 hours later and he was fast asleep. I felt bad, but honestly, when we say, “Get in the car. We’re leaving.” kids should listen. 🙂

  1. I went to university an hour early once at 7am. I was thinking to myself why I was so tired.

    My dad also overslept on several occasions, so he would forget to pick me up from school. Gladly I had a mobile phone at that age. Could you imagine how long I would’ve waited if i didn’t. 😀

  2. Youve got a nack for rising to occasions under pressure. The tweet story was funny.

    Once I was so tierd, I sat at a blinkg red light waiting for it to turn green. It was a while before it sunk in, that it was a BLINKING red light. 😉

    • Five kids have taught me how to think on my feet. I still have “blinking red light” moments, too. Yesterday I was supposed to meet my husband at Wal-Mart. I stood there forever and he hadn’t come so I called his cell. He said he was by the golf balls. I cussed him for not looking for me and headed to the sporting goods. No husband. Then it dawned on me. We were supposed to meet at the other Wal-Mart.

      Lesson? There are too many gosh-darned Wal-Marts in the world.

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