Three Cakes

I’ve been away for a while and I’ve missed The Blog terribly.  I promised myself I’d post this weekend so here I am, with about 5 minutes to spare to keep my promise.  With moving and all that jazz I still managed to do three cakes this week.  One for my son’s 11th birthday, one for a dog’s 1st birthday, and one for my husband’s cousin’s son’s (did you get that?) 2nd birthday.

My son is a video game junkie, so he chose a Nintendo DS as his cake.  That was fine with me since I didn’t have to carve, stack, or work out the physics of anything.  I did, however, have to paint with food coloring, which I’ve never done before.  Now, I can make things out of fondant (its edible Play Dough, which I’ve been playing with since I was three), but drawing is not my thing.  Painting, even less so.  Basically, painting with food coloring is like using watercolors.  Ach.  I grabbed a picture of Sonic (drawn by my #1, who is a FAR better artist than I’ll ever be) and a picture of Mario, Luigi, and the oh-so-lame-Yoshi, who I didn’t realize was oh-so-lame until the next morning when my son saw his cake and said (with disgust), “Why did you put Yoshi on there?!”  Autistic children aren’t known for their tact.

“I put Yoshi on there because I painted Mario and Luigi too far to the left and needed something to fill in all the white space on the right,”  I explained out loud.  To myself, I added “brat” on the end of that sentence.

Anyhoo, here is a picture of the cake.

Here are the close-ups of my fancy artwork.

Sonic the Hedgehog in Food Coloring

Mario, Luigi, and Oh-So-Lame Yoshi in Food Coloring

Yeah, so Luigi has a big butt like my daughter pointed out (8-year-old girls aren’t known for their tact, either) and Mario’s head is HUGE.  I think it’s pretty good for a first try.

The second cake was much better.  Well, I had a less critical client for it, anyway.  It was for a dog’s 1st birthday and no, it wasn’t made of Alpo.  Although it’s a bit out of proportion, I’m sure Max didn’t mind.

The third cake was the most fun and the most challenging.  It was working on this cake that made me truly sorry for some of the things I lost in the fire.  I bought the bare minimum cake supplies I’d need and I was missing the fancy cake levelers and fondant tools.  *Sigh*  I completely underestimated the time I needed to do the cake, too.  I was forced to make my husband’s cousin’s mom (that would be my husband’s aunt, or ex-aunt since she’s divorced from his uncle, or my ex-aunt-in-law.  Got that?)  wait in the car for almost 10 minutes.  I was desperately trying to get florists wire to stick in a cake at the perfect angle and had to stop when Jehovah’s Witnesses rang my front doorbell.  I’m sure they were two very sweet little old ladies but I gave them the politest brush-off I could muster.  At least I didn’t hide in the floor away from the windows like I usually do.  I took The Watchtowers and tossed them in the trash on the way back to my floral wire nightmare.  Anyway, here is the finished cake.

Elmo Birthday Cake

This picture doesn’t do my Elmo justice.  He looked like he’d had one too many drunken nights with the Cookie Monster.

Fat, drunken Elmo

My daughter said, “Elmo looks kind of fat.” Brat. But she was right.  #1 said he was creepy.  Yeah, well you should’ve seen him before he had hair. It was definitely not my best work and I felt really bad about it.  Oh well.  I’m sure the two-year-old was okay with it.

Well, that’s all I have time for now, folks.  I have to pack and my bathroom has flooded with backed up washing machine water, which leaked into the hallway carpet a little bit.  Things have been going so well, something irritating was bound to happen.  I’m just wondering why it had to be the night before I left for vacation.


36 thoughts on “Three Cakes

    • Maybe, but I kind of like a cake to be pretty myself. I’m not alone. I can’t tell you how many gorgeous wedding cakes I’ve eaten that tasted like cardboard. 😉 I know the cake tasted good, though. My kids ate the trimming in record time. As for the icing and fondant, I’m not as confident. I cheated and bought it already made. Sure saved me loads of time, though!

    • I think Luigi looks good with a little junk in his trunk. He eats nothing but pizza, lasagna, and spaghetti anyway, which in my experience, always goes straight to the behind.

    • Funny, since I wouldn’t actually eat Elmo. He was made of a big hunk of store-bought fondant and covered in really red buttercream that has a horrible aftertaste from all the food coloring gel. 🙂

  1. I think your kids just picked up on your own frustration at not having all the tools of the trade. Or are they always so crtitical of your cakes? Fat drunken elmo? hahah,

    • If I’m ever feeling too good/smug/proud about anything I’ve drawn, decorated, painted, or made I know I can go to my children for a much needed ego check. It’s not too bad. I like the honest and critical feedback. It can only make me better! Besides, my Molly always delivers her critiques with an apologetic, whispered tone and a sheepish look on her face. She doesn’t enjoy humbling her mother, anyway.

  2. I stopped past this morning, but that was as far as I got! I think you and I are both run off our respective feet at the moment! And both of us building new lives, really.

    What this article made me realise is how out of touch I am – I don’t know ANY of the cartoon characters you drew so beautifully!

    • I know what you mean about stopping by the blog. I haven’t had time to really read or write anything for a while. I guess there are more important things going on right now in both our lives! I’m fine with that, but I’m making a promise to myself not to abandon the blog. So much work has gone into it, It would be a shame to let it languish and die.

      Oh my. These characters were popular when I was a kid. I felt nostalgic when I was painting them. I have hijacked my son’s Nintendo DS and played Super Mario Bros. a bunch of times in the past couple of weeks. Turns out, it’s exactly like riding a bike–once you learn how to play Super Mario Bros. you never forget how. I have impressed Mikey with my superior gaming skills. Yay! Win for me!

  3. Glad to see you back girl! 🙂 I have been away as well, but had to come check and see how you were. Oh and I want the cake to taste as good as it looks … otherwise let it be ugly and taste good. Having both is best. 🙂

    • Some of my best tasting cakes have been the ones that fall completely apart. I have a carrot cake recipe that is to die for, but I rarely get it out of the pan in one piece. Carrot cake trifle is sooooo good, though.

  4. Is this a recent fad that dogs names are always named Max? I’m just wondering.

    Anyway, you go through way more effort then I would ever go through for my kids. Congrats! But I do have to ask, why the hell did you put Yoshi on there? Man…

    • Funny you should say that. Usually my kids get the crappy cakes, sometimes they even get the store bought ones. Maybe they should fork over some cash if they want my best efforts. Until then, they get Yoshi and they need to just deal with it. As for doggy name fads, I’m afraid I’m a little out of the loop. What doggie names do you prefer?

      Thanks for stopping by Maxim. 🙂

  5. Wow, I love the coloring on the cakes. I never had the patience to sit there and draw like that but it is definitely awesome. I hope you have a great vacation and happy birthday to all of them!

    • Thank you! I had never drawn on a cake, either. I went to a watercolors class and thought, “This will work on fondant with liquid food coloring.” I’m thinking of trying something else sometime soon.

  6. Foggy! I had wondered where you had gotten to!

    I LOVE the cakes, Elmo is adoreable and you did a terrific job on the hand painted figures!

    I know what you mean about ‘some’ wedding cakes.. bleargghhhh i think the only ‘bad’ cakes I have ever eaten have been at weddings, Taste is SO important.

  7. I had no idea Yoshi was lame. I just surveyed #5 and he said Yoshi would be ok, but he’d rather have Bowser. I am pretty sure I just committed myself to a Mario cake for him in September. Love, love, love the Elmo!

    • Figures, doesn’t it? Bowser’s the bad guy. My youngest son wanted the bad engine from Thomas the Tank Engine for his birthday. I’m sorry , but they don’t make plates/napkins/pinatas/cups for that. We convinced him to go with Spongebob or something. Weirdo. 🙂

    • Thank you. I had the really important stuff but there are so many tools that make things so much easier! A cake leveler, for instance. I’m not too good with just a serrated knife and eyeballing it.

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