A Sick Mama + WebMD = I’m Dying!

Daily Foglifter:  The youngest person ever to die from a heart attack in the U.S. was a 13-year-old boy.

I feel awful.  I’ve had several “attacks” of some sort over the last week.  It’s finally become annoying (and painful) enough to send me to the doctor.  I hate going to the doctor, especially when I have to take the whole crew (5 children!!!) with me.  But it’s got to be done.  As much as I would love to sit in one position on the couch all day, it’s simply not feasible.  Eventually, the laundry needs washing and the groceries have to be bought and made into something edible.  Take-out is expensive and so unhealthy.

I’m sure it’s nothing serious, despite what the WebMD symptom checker said.  According to the hypochondriac’s dream, I’m having a heart attack or a pulmonary embolism.  It could also be angina and the obligatory CANCER.  Every symptom one enters on WebMD returns a possible cancer diagnosis.


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It could also be panic attacks.  Now that is something I can understand.  Five kids at home, broken air conditioner in 95 degree weather, tight budget, the impending start of the church’s summer program, dieting, kids’ doctor’s appointments, health insurance issues…need I go on?  If that is the problem, at least one of those things have been remedied.  No, I didn’t send the kids to summer camp, but the A/C is fixed.  No more 88 degree house to sit and sweat in.  That will improve my mood, if not my heart attacks/angina/pulmonary embolism/cancer.

What about you?  Do you ever self-diagnose with WebMD or similar sites?  Have you ever got yourself worked up over nothing?  I know I’m not the only paranoid hypochondriac out there.  Help a girl relieve a little of the “stat and comment stress” and leave a comment.  My heart will thank you for it.  🙂

“The trouble with being a hypochondriac these days is that antibiotics have cured all the good diseases.” ~Caskie Stinnett


34 thoughts on “A Sick Mama + WebMD = I’m Dying!

  1. I have a lot of this wrong with me, none extremely serious. However, that doesn’t stop me from thinking the worst when something has gone awry. For example, my IBS was really bad for over a month and I spent a lot of timed in the bathroom so I was convinced that my colitis had returned. But the colonoscopy showed this was not the case. My it didn’t stop me from freaking out. It’s a pain in the butt to have to spend most of your life in the bathroom, even if it is only IBS. You are not the only hypochondriac. The same thing with my migraines. Every now and then I’m convinced that they are not migraines but are a brain tumor because my aunt had brain tumors. Nope. They’re migraines and that’s bad enough.

    • I feel your pain. I have IBS, too, and it’s awful! My hubby gets the migraines and I thank the good Lord I don’t get those. He’s so miserable.

  2. When I had my gall bladder attack, it felt like I was having a heart attack. I didn’t search the symptoms on WebMD, I was too busy trying to get someone to come pick up my child so she wouldn’t have to sit there & watch me die.

    • Yeah, I had gall bladder attacks when I was pregnant and I thought it was labor. That stuff hurts! I had my gall bladder removed, so I know it’s not that.

  3. Oh, boy. I’ve self-diagnosed more times than I care to admit. I’m practically a family physician….at least that’s what my kids think. 😉

    I hope you’re feeling better today. It’s so scary to know that something is wrong, but not to know what. I’ll say a little prayer for you today. Sending a hug and get well wishes your way.

  4. Yes! WebMD is pure evil. Step away from the computer! I think I’ve had several brushes with “heart attacks/cancer” in the past 10 years. I chalk it up to nonstop stress (and I only have the two kids!) Seriously, I have had panic attacks in the past (was diagnosed with PPD after my first child) and it is no picnic. Hope you get some relief soon!

    • Thanks! I try to avoid WebMD at all costs, but I try to avoid the doctor, too. The doctor is a much better option, though. Panic attacks wouldn’t stop just because I changed position, right? It’s probably GERD.

  5. Girl, I know what’s ailing you; you have GERD with a possibility of a hiatal hernia.

    Let me know what the real Doc says.

    • I was considering GERD, but I’ve been taking the prescription medicine and it’s not helping. Also, does the GERD pain fade in and out? It’s coming in waves. I’ll let you know what the “real” Doc says, Dr. Cecile. 🙂

  6. My mother and I have a running gag (I think its a gag) that we’re riddled with cancer, the dr’s just haven’t fount it yet…

    I’m always convinced I have what ever ailment is discussed… currently I have Aspbergers and anxiety attacks….

  7. I tend not to seek medical assistance on the web, although I did once (correctly as it turns out) chuck a specilist’s drugs out the window, march down to the pharmacy and treat myself for a condition!

    This was from reading that what he had diagnosed as the problem a) didn’t look like what I had, b) very rarely occurred in people my age (only those more than 15 years younger) and c) if I was right, high drugs were going to make me worse! My GP shudders I’m sure, but hey, within 3 days I was fixed!

    Are you taking your vitamins? You may be low in iron, for example. I’m sure that came up as a possible cause too.

    Mind you, having made this post, you’d better be back to tell us all you are OK!!!

    • I don’t take vitamins. Stupid, right? I’ll let everybody know what it is. It’s nothing serious, I’m sure. BTW, the drug advertisements have the opposite effect on me. The side effects are enough to convince me I don’t need that garbage! I hate those ads!

    • That’s the best idea I’ve heard in a long time. You think the kids could fend for themselves until daddy gets home from work? It’s only 9 hours.

  8. This is so fun! I always consult the internet not particularly webmd, and the diagnosis (based on my symptoms) were anxiety, OCD, Bipolar and anxiety. Other were serious problem in the heart and Diabetes II. I might be dying soon as well!
    You never fail to tackle real issues of real moms, I can’t help but smiling. 🙂

  9. I have self diagnosed many times, though not usually with WebMD. I usually just do research . . . and most of the time I’m right, and doctors will either confirm it or I’m able to ask about it and they’ll explore that option as well. It’s mostly about knowing your own body and how it reacts when you’re sick.

    So I wouldn’t fret, just use common sense 🙂

    • I’m not really fretting. It’s just annoying. I’ve got a few ideas and I trust my doc completely so all will be well. My appointment is tomorrow.

  10. I was sure I had an undiagnosed brain tumour yesterday but then I remembered the vodka from the night before.

    I have just looked up GERD – is this another name for indigestion? Either way, hope you are feeling better soon. Mum’s don’t usually get the luxury of not being well. This is bringing back all sorts of memories . . . .

    • GERD–GastroEsophogeal Reflux Disease. Indigestion times 10. My hubby has it so bad, the stomach acid used to move up his esophagus, causing it to clench closed, preventing him from breathing. It relaxes eventually, but that minute is scary. Especially since it happened in the middle of the night while he was sleeping, So glad it’s treateable with a pill.

  11. I am a hypochondriac and that is the exact reason I choose to steer clear of Web MD. If I make that mistake, I will come up with some diagnosis and determine I am dying. lol.

  12. Web MD is my best friend. I have an undiagnosed illness for the past 20 year. I’ve search EVERY medical search engine I can find……I guess I’m just crazy………..

    But I’m gonna keep searching!!!!! LOL

    Hope you feel better!

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