Twins and A Book Review

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Daily Foglifter:  The highest incidence of twin births is among the Yoruba peoples of Nigeria, with a frequency of 45 per 1000 births.   Twins are treated differently than other children and are very important in the religious beliefs of the Yoruba People.  Pictured at right is a pair of Ibeji (“twin”) statues carved from wood.

I’m a little discombobulated today.  I have just quit smoking and all I can think about is NOT smoking.  Unfortunately, I did most of my smoking when sitting at the computer and writing, so I really want to forget about The Blog today and do something else.

So, here’s a picture of the cake I did last week.  It’s a baby shower cake for a woman who is having twins.  It’s my new favorite.

Two Peas in a Pod

And here’s a close-up of the 2 peas.

Two Peas in a Pod Fondant Cake Topper

I also have a new book review on “A Prayer for Owen Meany” by John Irving, (here) but I can’t promise it makes any sense.  I’m having some particularly “foggy” moments this week.

I knew quitting smoking would be hard, but I wasn’t prepared for this.  I’m exhausted, irritable, and kind of sad.  It’s a lot like the emotional roller coaster I was on after having my babies.  Except for the eating.  That’s more like before I had my babies, but worse.  Forget eating for two.  I’m eating for all the babies of the world that are currently in utero.  I wonder–do the benefits of not smoking trump the detriments of being so fat I’ll have to be removed from my house by crane?

“A nonsmoker is forced to find food, but for a smoker breakfast can be a cigarette and a cup of bad coffee.” ~Brock Fiant


47 thoughts on “Twins and A Book Review

    • Wow! I think I’m happier about this comment than any other one I’ve ever had! It’s so unlike you.

      I’m hanging just fine. Thank you, daddy!

  1. I have always heard that quitting smoking “cold turkey” is the hardest thing to do EVER. Are you using any of the nicotine (sp?) gum or anything to help?

    Prayers for ya girl!! Hang in there!

    • It’s harder, but it’s much more effective. It’s like detox for heroine addicts. You know, let the drug work its way out of the system all at once. 72 hours. That’s how long its supposed to take before the addiction goes away. After that, it’s a battle of the mind. Trippy, huh?

      I’m doing well. You can watch my progress on the homepage of momfog. I have a cute little ticker and a benefit section to show how quickly my body is ridding itself of the ill effects of nicotine and carbon monoxide poisioning. >:-/

    • I must’ve been a complete fool to think I could change my diet and stop smoking on the same day. The diet has been postponed until at least Monday. I don’t think I’ll be able to go without my Jolly Ranchers, though. 🙂

  2. Ooooooooh man. I feel your pain, believe me. I still get the urge to grab a smoke out of some strangers mouth and take a deep, deep drag of it and let the chemicals work their magic. You can do it, though. Be strong.
    The cake is absolutely adoreable! Sooo cute and sweet. I want to cuddle with it.

    • I’m seriously eyeing cigarette butts in garbage cans or smashed into the pavement and thinking, “What ingrate wasted that much of a cigarette? There’s a good two draws there, at least.” I’ve managed to restrain myself from picking them up and finishing them, but just barely. 🙂

      I’ve wanted to make that cake forever and was so happy when the lady ordered one!

  3. Have you decided what kind or reward you get to buy yourself after two weeks?

    Ive been eating hardboiled eggs as my fix. Having to peel the shell kinda helps my hands have something to do.

    • I never thought about a reward. What an excellent idea. I’ll have to consider it. I think it should be what two cartons of cigarettes would’ve cost since that’s what I will have saved by not smoking. That way, it’s an added incentive to keep it up when I see what bigger and better things I could be spending my money on!

      Hardboiled eggs are a good idea. I think an orange would work, too.

      • My uncle quit smoking a couple years ago, and he put all the money he would have otherwise spent on cigarettes in a jar on his bookshelf. He had over $2000 in it after one year, which he used to go to mexico with. I thought it was a great reward =)

  4. That cake is too cute. Holy crap! Hang in there with the kicking smoking. I tried once cold turkey and failed and once with the nicotine gum, which only pissed me off. I finally succeeded with the patch. I followed the directions exactly, and gave myself permission to drink as much damn coffee as I wanted to. I also started hot yoga then to have something else to focus my aggression on besides not smoking. Nine and a half years later, still smoke free. When you can finally breathe free again? It’s indescribable. Oh, the most important part!! NOBODY TOLD ME MY MIND WOULDN’t WORK AT FIRST! I expected irritable, but didn’t expect to not be able to think. That’s what the patch made bearable for me. So if you can’t think, um, you’re right where you’re supposed to be. 🙂

    • I’ve been ok with the cold turkey so far. You are right about the mind not working, though. I’ve completely turned inward and I can’t think of simple words for anything. I’m also exhausted. I think it’s just easier for my body if I’m asleep and my brain is sending the signal, “Go to sleep” and I do, if I sit still for even a minute. I am NOT giving up my coffee or anything else like sugar, either. I’m not a masochist. 🙂

      • It is indeed.

        Mind you, having read they have the highest twin rate in the world, I’m rather glad I met my husband after the twinning possibilities! When I was young, my ob-gyno said I only had to shake hands to become pregnant as it was, and my grandmother had twins. So I think we’d have ended up with at least one set!

        Personally, I think 6 offspring between us is quite enough!

        • Agreed. Although the clothing and cake possibilities for twins are so precious, I don’t think it quite makes up for double the diapers [nappies] 🙂

          My grandma always said that all she had to do to get pregnant was look at my grandfather’s pants hanging from the doorknob. 😎

          • Your grandma was clearly much more fun than mine! She was adament the Queen and Prince Philip never did “it” because the Queen is the Head of the Church of England, she couldn’t possibly do “that”!

            My grandmother was very strange. I remember deliberately embarrassing her my asking about the old Modess ads – you may not remember them – always beautifully glamorous women in evening gowns…………..

          • LOL! I Googled Modess and I must say those are some high fashion feminine products!

            So, did she think Charles was an immaculate conception or did she use a surrogate? I would think if she couldn’t imagine the Queen doing “that” she couldn’t imagine her giving birth either?

          • I think she thought they were all found under a cabbage. Not sure how she figured inheritance would work – they are very keen on the bloodlines, the Royals.

            She was just a little strange. My grandmother, not the Queen.

          • hah ha, When my email passed me the phrase: “She was just a little strange. My grandmother, not the Queen.” I just had to click back in to see what this was about. hahaha

            One time I deliberatly embarrased a date. I thought he was a little insensitive and shauvanist so when we were in a major grocery store (getting camping supplies) I said rather loudly, “Oh! I need some sanitary pads!” and I put them in the cart. (I was only joking, I didnt need them)

            He got so embarrased. I found out by his reaction how imature he was. haha I was mean, but he deserved it.

          • A man’s true worth is revealed by his attitude toward feminine products. If he won’t pick some up from the grocery store for you, dump him. Dump him fast. 🙂

  5. Loved the foglifter! I’m a Yoruba mythology geek so I really loved getting additional background on their attitudes and customs. As for your attempt to quit smoking without gaining a ton, have you tried just chewing on crushed ice? It gives you an oral fix with no tobacco and no calories.

    By the way, thanks for the shoutout at Accidental Stepmom’s blog! You’re a terrific lady!

    • You’re the second person today who has a connection with the Yorubas. Go figure.

      Ice! Of course. It just so happens my local gas station sells the “chewy” variety, which I absolutely love chomping on anyway.

      You’re welcome for the little plug, but honestly, when I think of bad movies, I still think of that little gem “Alabama’s Ghost” I saw on your blog. Nazi Vampires. Love it. 🙂

  6. Bless, that you even had to google Modess . . .

    Enjoy the eating! Smoking does horrid things to the complexion and weight almost always falls from the face first, all the way down to the hips and thighs where it seems to sit forever. So, eat because you need energy and good blood oxygen levels as the toxins clear.

    Sweet little peas on that cake!

  7. Has nothing to do with whether you are sticking to the diet, The Purpose is to have something at the ready to put in your mouth when ever you feel the need to smoke. replacing the urge with something else, Preferably LEGAL snacks that are on the diet. I started the first week with the Fruit and Fruit Dip,
    ( homemade is better ) as well as the Cheese and meat Tray with saltine Crackers, you know ~ that fun food you like so well right at your finger tips

    • I’ve got some smart choices waiting. Not ALL smart choices. I have to have potato chips right now–Vinegar and Salt–crunch and strong flavor. Me and the baby girl are going to town on some Vinegar and Salt potato chips. 🙂

      I’ve also got some sugar free chocolate pudding snacks (because I’m craving the sweets), lots of water with Crystal Light Pink Lemonade mix, salad, and mixed nuts. The fruit is a good idea. I’ll have to get some of that tomorrow. Really, I’m much better today. I’m not having the craving. I’m having the “suddenly reaching for a cigarette when I’m reading or watching TV” thing. I’ll be sitting there and my arm is groping around on the table. Very weird. I suppose that’s the “habit” of it.

      • I tend to hold my inhaler like its a precious treasure. Or I will hold a hair stick or a staw. Bendy straws can be very entertaining at times.
        I get a huge can of cashiews from BJS wholesale. And eat and eat and eat.

        I suppose when this is all done we will need a support group for dieting.

        But you know, You are an inspiration for me. Because you are a stay at home mom and your hubbby smokes. A lot of times I find the willingness to avoid smoking because I think about how you are succeding at it.

        • We’ll definitely need the dieting support group. Thank you for your kind words and I’m glad I inspire you. BTW, the hubby has started smoking WAY LESS and he only does it outside now. He keeps his cigs in the car so I’m not tempted.

          Smoke Free Solidarity! 🙂

  8. I learned a Yoruba saying today!

    “Cursed be your mother’s anus. Cursed be your father’s testicles.”

    Dang do they know how to curse.

    • It’s one of my favorites. I spelled the name wrong. Really embarrassing. That’s what I get for pulling cake all-nighters. She was happy, though.

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