The 5,000 Mark!

5,ooo Hits and counting! In just under 3 months, I’ve written 59 posts and read countless more.  There are a ton of interesting people out there!  Thanks to all who stop by and leave encouraging comments.  Onward toward 10,000!


12 thoughts on “The 5,000 Mark!

  1. Congrats. 5000. Wow. In fact had meant to ask you to write a post about what you thought was most effective in geting you to 5000 – besides, of course, the number of posts. Would luv some insight.

    • I don’t think I could write a post about that because I don’t know the answer. Like you said, sheer output is probably the answer. I post to facebook, use the forums, and read and comment on other blogs–all the normal stuff. I do think the content has improved from the first month or so, which is also a result of frequent posting. Best advice I can give is to write and write often.

      Oh! Have 5 kids to provide endless inspiration! I only recommend that for the truly dedicated blogger, though. 🙂 🙂

      • 5 kids! I just don’t know how u do it. I jusy have my work and my niece (during the week, she goes home weekends)+ i barely cope. But u right. They are inspiration + do sound like really amazing kids..

        • They are, but today they were trying their best to make me reconsider. The first day of Spring Break and they’re already driving me crazy. Not a good sign!

  2. Wow, impressive. I joined on February 2011 and still struggling to reach 2,000 mark. It’s a long way to go (read: It’s a high mountain to climb) for me. Congratulation for your achievement. I’m sure you’ll reach 10,000 mark on the next 2 months. 🙂

    • I’m a tightly wound ball of nuclear potential! 🙂 As for the five, it’s interesting. I don’t know about fun, but it’s certainly not boring. Thanks for stopping by!

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