Let Them Eat Cake

Basket of Violets

I have about five minutes to spare for momfog today, so here are more cakes to see.  These are the pictures that wouldn’t load yesterday because of the gremlins in my computer.  Again, the order in which they appear is completely random, according to what this stupid thing feels like doing today.  Also, please disregard any combined captions.  How that happened, I’ll never know.  Ugh.   I HATE computers, sometimes.

Book cake for English MajorClassic Lilies

Wedding Flowers

Spirals Wedding Cake

High TeaSweet Hearts

Pretty in Pink

Death by Chocolate Roses

It's a Boy!

Basketweave and Flowers

Harley Davidson

Girl's 1st Birthday with Smash Cake

Lilies and ScrollsGulfstream Cake

Relay for Life Rice Crispy Shoes

Relay For Life Wonky Cake Fondant People

Teacher Appreciation

Happy Thanksgiving

Tink with Flowers and a Big Bow



13 thoughts on “Let Them Eat Cake

  1. Wow! Yesterday my favorite was the Canon Cake, that was amazing…Today it’s C.S. Lewis….How do you come up with these things???

    When our kids were small, my wife used to do something similar for our kids…I remember a “Big Bird” and and “Oscar the Grouch” cake…there must be some pictures somewhere…

    • The Canon cake was for a graduation party for a girl with a degree in photography. The C.S. Lewis was also a graduation–English and U.S. History major. I didn’t include the side view of the C.S. Lewis cake but the book on the bottom was “A History of the United States Vol. 1.” Most cakes are themed around a person’s interest. Tomorrow I’m doing a LEGO man head for my son’s BD. He loves LEGOs and LEGO mini-figures. Last year, it was Darth Vader’s head. I also did a working “smoker/grill” cake last year. My brilliant husband came up with the idea of dry ice to mimic the smoke coming out of the smokestack. My camera was busted at the time, so no pics of that one. 😦

      My motto: If you can conceive of it, I can probably do it in cake.

  2. Didn’t you write about having a Alexa rating in Canada? But hen you wrote about the South too – oh, I am so confused!!! Anyway, you are “over there” which is WAY too far away to get a cake from you! My short-term memory is shot at the moment – anxiety and stress kill it – so I apologise!

    • Oh! My Alexa report said that my blog is most popular in Canada. I guess that of all countries, my best ranking is in Canada. I live in the state of Georgia in the southern United States. Decidedly NOT Canada. 🙂

        • My theory is there’s not a whole lot to do in Canada but read blogs on BlogRoll. Too cold. Enjoy it while it lasts. Hockey season begins in a few months and then it’s bye-bye blogs.

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