396 Months Old Today (That’s Mom-Speak for 33 Years)



Daily Foglifter:  On this day in history, these famous people were born:

  • 1978 Me (Of course)
  • 1976 Ewan McGregor  (Help me Obi Wan, you’re my only hope.)
  • 1959 Angus Young, guitarist for AC/DC  (Oh, I hope he’s the one in the suit coat, tie, and short pants)
  • 1948 Al Gore (An Inconvenient Coincidence)
  • 1948 Rhea Perlman (Love Cheers.  Love Carla)
  • 1943 Christopher Walken  (This list just got a whole lot cooler)
  • 1939 Liz Claiborne  (And more stylish, too)
  • 1929 Liz Claiborne (And weirder.  Both dates are listed.  No matter, I loved her perfume in 8th grade and wore enough of it to make anyone within 300 ft. gag)
  • 1732 Franz Joseph Haydn, Austrian Composer (The Surprise Symphony is charming)
  • 1596 Rene Descartes, Philosopher (He thought, therefore he was)

In honor of my birthday I’m taking Friday off from dear old Momfog.  Actually, I’m writing this Wednesday night so I don’t have to write anything on Thursday either.    I am suffering from blogger’s remorse and am grateful for the break.  In all honesty, I don’t have anything meaningful to say.  If it wasn’t my birthday, I don’t know what I would’ve written about.   But I digress.  Let’s get back to the birthday!

I got my first little cake Wednesday night and, because my saint-of-a-mother-in-law knows me so well, a key lime pie.  She has also agreed to take the kids Friday night so me and the hubby can go get some chow alone.  First, it’s to the Starbuck’s to redeem my FREE birthday drink certificate while they try to convince me to buy Howard Schultz’s book , then to the Carrabbas to have the fabulous Chicken Bryan (grilled chicken, goat cheese, lemon butter sauce with sun-dried tomatoes)  and then it’s off to the Cinnabon for a large, succulent roll with extra icing (in lieu of birthday cake).  It’s going to be fantastic!

I’m going to try and convince my husband to watch “Letters to Juliet” with me, but I’m not holding my breath.  I convinced him to watch “Bed of Roses” with me 15 years ago and he has never let me forget it.  I think I might be able to guilt him into it, though. ( I watched “The Expendables” which is FAR, FAR worse torture.)  After all, he also gets to eat Carrabbas, drink Starbuck’s coffee, and eat a Cinnabon, so where’s the “gift” in that?  We’ll see.

I’ve received two gifts already.  The first, the $25 check my dear sweet grandmother gives everyone on their birthday.  Second, a glamorous “Happy Birthday” bracelet made from aluminum foil by my budding fashionista daughter, Molly.  It’s tres chic.   Add those to the 10 pounds I’m going to gain, and it’s already looking to be a fantabulous birthday!

An Original Creation from the House of Molly

Hope you guys have a great weekend!

“Every now and then, um, everybody’s entitled to too much perfection.”  ~Line from the movie “Bed of Roses.”


Last Friday, I started a little project.  I’m taking an unscientific survey about the music preferences of those who visit this site, be it regular readers or search engine misdirects.  I need the information for a future post.  It’s only 3 quick and easy questions.  If you don’t mind helping me out, click here.  Thanks so much!


19 thoughts on “396 Months Old Today (That’s Mom-Speak for 33 Years)

  1. Happy Birthday! If you are taking a break due to “blogger’s remorse” (what is that?) then you should not be in here responding to comments!!!

    Enjoy the Starbucks coffee – I’d be giving the certificate to someone else, but the CINNABON – YES PLEEEEEEEEEASEEE

    • Blogger’s remorse is “why in the world did I start a blog? It’s too much work, too much stress, and I don’t want to do it anymore.” It’s a temporary condition and also known as a “blog burnout.” I’m already over it. I’ve already got Monday’s entry in my head and my camera.

      I like Starbucks, but in my defense, I’m a relatively new coffee drinker and haven’t tried a whole lot of others and the options around me are limited. BTW, what is a “flat white” and how does it differ from a latte?

      Thanks for the Birthday wishes!

      • I’m not quite sure what the difference is to be honest! A latte comes in a glass, a flat white in a cup with no froth! I think it is how they make it, but I can’t be sure.

        I’ve done something scary – go check out the badge on my page – I can’t get blogger’s remorse now!

          • Thanks! Well, scary because we don’t have the darn visa yet – and if I haven’t upset the Department of Immigration enough already, if I get publicity from this, that might just make them mad…… I hope not!

          • I didn’t think about that part of it. On the other hand, it’s also a little pressure for them to do the right thing if more people are aware of the situation and how ridiculous it is.

          • Well, we shall see. I’ve already applied as much pressure as I was able – and we are still waiting. It is other people in the same situation I also worry about. How many people have to go through what we are going through? About 3,000 a year, if those figures I wrote about are anything to go by.

  2. Okay – so you know from my other comment dat I’m fast asleep…simply can’t get my brain into gear…so belated happy birthday. Its 4 days late my time. Well, 33. I envy you. Enjoyed da post. Hope your birthday was as fabulous.

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