What’s On Your Playlist?

Image via stock.xchange.comDaily Foglifter:  There are an average of 50 albums released per week  in the United States and United Kingdom.  That’s 2500 per year.

I’m always interested in what kind of music people listen to.  Many times, it’s not what I would expect at all.  I get an average of about 60 visitors to Momfog every day.  A lot of those are regular visitors and we exchange comments and have mini-conversations here, as well as in forums or other blogs.  We have a certain degree of “relationship” and I think we form opinions about each other based on the limited information we exchange.  For instance, one “regular” said the other day that she liked fantasy literature.  I was surprised for some reason.  It just didn’t seem to fit.  That’s ridiculous, of course.  I couldn’t tell you my best friend’s favorite literary genre.  Someone who resembles me in age, marital status, number of children, backgrounds, and religious affiliation is not likely to share my taste in books or music.  It’s a completely individual thing.  I want to put together a little report about the different kinds of music people like.  It’s sort of my own personal research project so….

Help a girl out and answer a few very easy and quick questions!

What are you listening to?

I want to know the favorite genres of music or the favorite group/singer/composer of the people who read this blog.  Include your age, gender, and nationality when responding.



  1. Name your current favorite song(s) or group(s) or musical genre.  Include your reason for liking if you want to share or persuade.

  2. Give your age and gender.  (Ladies–feel free to leave an -ish answer if you prefer.)

  3. State your nationality.

I’ll start.

  1. I’m on a Mumford and Sons kick at the moment.  I think it’s the “bluegrass” kind of feel I get in the songs.  It reminds me of Kentucky, my home state.  Also, the lyrics are heavily influenced by literature.  LOVE that!
  2. Female, age 32.
  3. American

Now it’s your turn.  Hit the comment button and make my day!  Thanks!


53 thoughts on “What’s On Your Playlist?

  1. I’m stuck on three songs that fit my situation at the moment and I had to toss up which one to include! I’ve settled for Guy Sebastian’s “Who’s that girl” – you’ll find it on my web site on the “Links ‘n Stuff” page because I don’t think it has been released in the USA.

    Age: 55 Gender: female last time I checked – hubby will be upset if I got that wrong!


  2. I have over 300 real cd’s and almost the same again on my hard drive and of these I’ve copied around a hundred to my iPhone. When I’m alone I refuse to watch tv, it will always be radio, iphone or cd (although that’s not strictly true as sometimes I will cheat and put the music channels on tv for a bit of visual effect, especially if it’s of a live gig) but whatever I listen to it will almost always be classic rock (Zeppelin, Sabbath, Rainbow, Lizzy, Hendrix, Pink Floyd etc) with a smattering of a lot of other stuff too numerous to mention. My formative years were the late seventies when NWOBHM was truly emerging along with punk, my other love. These days I’m happily blown away by bands like Avenged Sevenfold, Foo Fighters, 30 Seconds..oh the list goes ever on, but you get the picture 🙂
    I’m an almost 50 year old English bloke that would gladly sell his soul for rock n roll. Visit my blog and click the ‘All Things Musical’ category link for further explanation, if needed 🙂
    Hope that helped your survey 🙂

    • At the risk of sounding stupid, what is NWOBHM? I think I will visit your blog. I’m fascinated.

      I think my “survey” may be a bit simplistic, no? I’ll mark you as classic rock, rock, and punk, if that’s okay. Pass this on if you’d like. Would like to have a good sample to go over this weekend. Thanks!

    • Sorry..I didn’t think..

      It’s pronounced ‘NEWWOBBEM’ 🙂

      New Wave Of British Heavy Metal..google it for a comprehensive insight.. I wouldn’t be who I am without it! 🙂

  3. 1). I tend to like individual songs that make me feel something when I’m writing. These individual songs might be the only song that I like by that band. (For instance, Lady Antebellum’s “Need You Now” has been on permanent rotation for a while, but I generally hate country.) But my favorite bands/artists are Guster, Arcade Fire, Ben Folds, Vampire Weekend, Decemberists, Death Cab, Rilo Kiley, Andrew Bird, etc. Basically weird or indie stuff. My real guilty pleasure (at least among my too cool for school hipster friends) is Coldplay. I freaking love Coldplay. And even more guilty, though I proclaim it to the world more readily, is Glee soundtracks.
    2). Female, 30.
    3). US, Chicago but Southerner born.

    • Ain’t nothing wrong with a little Coldplay. It’s nice to know somebody else has an appreciation for Vampire Weekend. I wish I’d heard of Arcade Fire before the SNL show. My immediate thought upon seeing them was, “High school must’ve been hell for these people.” It’s hard to overcome first impressions.

  4. My newest favorites are from the “Once” soundtrack. The whole soundtrack is amazing with powerful melodies and haunting harmonies. (The movie/musical is one of my new favorites as well) My favorite two are “Falling slowly” and “Once”

    Age: 26

    • I’m not familiar with that but now I’ll check it out. The best thing about this post so far is the new music I’m hearing! Thanks for taking the time to answer. Pass it on to anyone you think might be interested.

  5. My all-time favorite musician is James Taylor. I can listen to him endlessly. My ipod has a bazillion different artists on it. Four are standouts because of the library they have. James Taylor, Train, DBM, & Jason Mraz. That being said, my new favorite obsession is Adele. Her voice is out of this word. She’s so soulful. Love her! Check her out if you haven’t already. You won’t be sorry!

    Female – 35

    • That’s funny. I HATE James Taylor, but I don’t think it has anything to do with him. It’s more of a “my parents loved him when I was 12 and I thought NKOTB was THE BEST GROUP EVER and James Taylor was OLD and LAME and BORING” kind of thing. It’s nonsensical, I know, but my major character flaws are stubborness and my unwillingness to back down once I’ve taken a strong stance (which I guess is the same thing). 🙂 He can sing, I just can’t like him, on principle.

      I love Train, based soley on the fact that Anna sings along with the “Hey, Soul Sister” song and it’s cute as heck. I’ll have to check out Adele.

      Thanks for answering, even it was under coercion. 😉

      • Funny, I love James Taylor because that is all my parents listened to when I was a kid. I also though NKOTB were the best things in town. I still have my ticket & pieces of Joe & Donnie’s shirts that we tore to shreds when they threw them to us in the audience!

        Let me know what you think of Adele.

    • Love me some oldies because that’s what I grew up hearing. Didn’t get the gospel much but I’m learning to appreciate it. As if I have a choice. 🙂

  6. 1. My current favourite bands are:-

    “Doves” favourite track is probably “Kingdom of Rust”.

    “Mint Royale” favourite track “Wait For You”

    “Gorillaz” favourite track “On Melancholy Hill”

    2. Male 36.

    3. British

    • Thank you Ian. I guess there’s a cultural gap because I don’t think I know any of those. However, I will check them out. I’ve heard a lot of new stuff in the last day and I’m especially enjoying that aspect of this impromptu survey. The great thing about an ipod is the nearly limitless number of songs one can add to it, and I hope to have a more eclectic mix very soon. Thanks again!

  7. 1. Favourite Bands:
    Bowling for Soup – Because they make me smile!
    Placebo – I just love Brian Molko’s voice, I find it haunting.
    But then some of my favourite songs are Heartbeats by Jose Gonzalez, and Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap.
    2. Female, 18
    3. Irish
    Hope that helps XD

  8. 1. My favorite songs would be “What Do You Want” by Jerrod Niemann & “Colder Weather” by The Zac Brown Band. 2. Female, 41. 3. American

  9. this is entirely too hard to answer for me. i know everyone says “i listen to everything” but i really do. My ipod has roughly 1200 songs . i get to work, plug it in to my speakers and am good for the day. i listen to everyone from Adele to Michael Buble to Reba to Eminem to CCR to Poison!
    i didnt think this would be very helpful to ya, sorry! i looked at my itunes top 25 playlist-here are a few: Zac Brown Band, Kristen Chenowith (WICKED sdtrk) ,Jason Mraz,Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, sorry its all over the place lol
    2. i’m 33

    3. american

    • This is actually very good stuff because a) they are people I have heard and b)they have been mentioned already and give me a definitive “category.” I listen to a lot of stuff, usually individual songs by different people as opposed to whole albums. In the case of Mumford and Sons, I like the entire album and listen to it nearly every time I’m in the car and that’s why I picked it.

      You should check out the comments and give a listen to some of the songs listed, especially those from Ireland and Great Britain. You may want to add them to that playlist!

  10. You are so smart. I was thinking of doing the same thing on my blog. I live in a time warp of a music bubble. I literally live on an island and we get 3 stations and all they play is vintage rock which I love but ya know. I don’t really enjoy pop that much and that is the only other alternative. It pretty much plays out onto my playlist too – Led Zep, Pink Floyd, The Doors, etc. I want to listen to something new. So, I’m going to follow this post. Thanks!

  11. Great questions! I love music, and it’s hard to answer without rambling on about this passion of mine!

    Right at this very moment I’m listening to Jazzanova – Let Me Show Ya (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hghq1OpxIHE&feature=relatedP)

    I’m fallin in love with this lovey dovey song also by Jazzanova – Little Bird (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6CmEcCndGU)

    I love so many styles of music but my fav genres are definitely soul, neo-soul, funk…well I’ve discovered that any genre I like has ‘soul’ in the music.

    I’m 27, and of majority Black Canadian decent, although I am mixed with some other cultures as well. But I consider myself black-Canadian.

    Oh, and hey Momfog, …my little brother is a really good up and coming musician. Has a nice little following on youtube, and he just did a cover of a Mumford and Sons song- The Cave

    Since yoru a fan of them, check it out here, you just might dig it 🙂 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xWJcHq3L9As


    – Comedian Reid Price

    • I will definitely check out those links. I know I keep saying it, but this is the best part of this experiment. I hope everyone is reading the comments and broadening their horizons. Thanks for the feedback!

    • Ok. First, your brother is fantastic! I felt the need to share it and posted it on my facebook page. Second, Jazzanova. Wow. Feel free to make any other suggestions.

    • No problem! I love your sense of humor. As for my my layout, it’s busy but I strive for symmetry. I have to have a 3 column and if you look at the 2 sidebars, they are almost exactly the same length. If a widget gets added in on side, another one must be added to the other. The images in my posts usually alternate left and right. Lists usually have an odd number of bullet points. It’s a sickness.

      Your blog is laid out just fine. You use a lot of photos and your writing style needs the 2 column. As I scroll, the little surprises you’ve set up are revealed. I like it. Keep up the good work!

  12. 1. My radio is usually tuned to a Contemporary Christian Station. My other frequented presets include Gen-X (80’s 90’s) and MIX102.3. Occasionally, I will scan the “Today’s Hits” stations (trying to stay relevant, and usually when the kids aren’t with me), plus a Country one and a couple of Old Rock ones. My phone/mp3 player contains everything from Humpty Dance to Fireflies to Wicked Sdtrk to Metallica (though, not the bang your brains old-school songs like Battery, more like Unforgiven). I really enjoy Christian Rap, but, apparently I’m a minority in that because it’s NEVER played on the radio. I don’t spend the time or money to download much and the bootleggers don’t tend to share copies of many Christian songs (rap or otherwise), so I’m very limited in my collection of that genre.
    2. I’m a female, 32 years old.
    3. American

    • Thank you very much! Christian rap, huh? The local Christian radio station plays that on Saturday nights. Not sure if you can get it online but it’s HISradio from Savannah, Ga. I imagine there’s not a whole lot of Christian music related bootlegs out there! It’s counter-intuitive. You know the “Thou Shalt Not Steal” thing. Lol! Thanks again!

    • I think I’m going to give it a week. I know I have some readers who read all posts once a week and I think I can depend on them to leave some feedback. Look for it next week, but don’t expect anything like your latest post. I’m nowhere near that analytical! It’s been cool. I’ve discovered some gems I know I never would’ve found on my own!

      • That’s a good move, waiting a week. I try and keep up to date, but WP don’t make it easy with no “next Page” on the “My Comments”! Room for improvement there!

        You certainly inspired lots of music sharing!

  13. Right now, I have SEVERAL favorite songs, spanning many Genre. Probably my favorite song OVERALL is, and has always been Pachelbel’s Cannon in D. I like R&B and my favorite MAINSTREAM song is probably “Drop it Low”. I also love Country as well, and am partial to Older men (Vince Gill,Randy Travis, Etc) and younger women Carrie Underwood etc.

    I am 28 years old, and I am an African American Female 🙂
    (hope this helps 🙂

  14. My tastes are pretty varied. I’ll list a few of my favorite artists:
    Nina Simone, Van Morrison, Nirvana, Bon Jovi (sorry everyone), Crowded House, Foo Fighters, Donovan, Monobloco (Brazilian group) and loads more. I love music that creates emotion in me. Happy, sad, crazy…depends on my mood when I turn the computer on.
    Early 30s, Female, British (but living in Brazil)

  15. I’d say my favorite song at the moment is Substitute by Frank Turner, a little known guy who has really good lyrics. Another one of his songs, Long Live the Queen is great..
    Also Gray or Blue by Jaymay. Another unkown.
    But I honestly don’t have a favorite genre.

    I’m 15, female, from the United States

  16. 1. Totally agree with the Mumford and Sons kick! I love the creative use of the banjo as a rhythm-keeper. (The only drumbeats in the music come from Marcus Mumford’s occasional kick drum usage.) They’ve had a song on the top ten for 44 consecutive weeks for a reason! Not to mention that they have two songs on that list right now….. =)

    2. Male, age 20

    3. American

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