Your Opinion Needed!

Feet in white socks compared

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This morning my husband officially threatened to throw away the computer.  It seems he didn’t have any clean white socks.  Again.  He considerately didn’t mention the other unwashed laundry or the general lack of cleanliness everywhere else.  I guess when he went to the drawer and he had no choice but to wear colored socks, that was it.  There’s only so much a man can take. 

So today I did some blog maintenance and the rest of the day will be cleaning and errands.  I’m not happy about it.  I want to sleep.  The baby woke up at 3:30 with a poopy diaper, a mere two hours after I went to sleep.  She then stayed up and played until 5:15.  I got another hour of sleep but it wasn’t enough.  Oh well.  Sometimes a mom has to go without sleep, especially when she’s been MIA with the housework and grocery shopping duties.  It’s my own fault.

I want your help with something.  A semi-regular feature on Momfog is the Daily Foglifter.  I have been considering trashing the thing for a while but haven’t been able to make up my mind.  I’d like your opinion.  Please take the time to click one of the two choices.  Don’t worry about hurting my feelings if you click the “Lame!” option.  I’ve had far worse criticism in my time, believe me.  Thanks!


6 thoughts on “Your Opinion Needed!

  1. what are you ~ a woman or a wouse?
    Can’t justify an hour on a computer compared to an hour on the golf course?embattled words, but the truth, sometimes ya gotta do your own laundry

    • As far as that goes, he’s not even close to catching up with the time I spend on the computer. He could play golf every day all summer long, and I’d still be ahead in that respect. He’s completely right. I spend too much time on here. I knew it long before he said anything. And this morning was the first time he did say anything.

  2. I’m going to be brutally honest, only because I think you and I might be kindred spirits when it comes to the damn keyboard. We must not foresake the rest of life. I’m not against Chris doing a spot of his own laundry, but I know myself there are things I should be doing when I’m typing on here.

    This is one place it is very easy to just indulge. Unlike the block of chocolate though, this doesn’t run out – unless there is a power outage or a HDD crash.

    I don’t have a solution for us – I just know too much time on any one thing is not a good thing.

    • I completely agree. I’d been feeling guilty about it, but nobody was saying anything. All he said was, “I’m going to throw the computer away” and I immediately knew what he meant by it. I’ve got a new plan for computer time and I’m going to try and stick to it. We’ll see.

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