Positive Thinking Gets the Laundry Done

The compulsion to complain is fighting desperately with the desire to celebrate.  I don’t feel well and it would be SO EASY to write a detailed list of everything that sucks about today.   BUT, I’m going to focus on the positive.  No negative comments.  No complaining.  Today, it’s all about joy.  

My brain is fuzzy because of medication and my husband told me this morning that I probably shouldn’t talk until I’m sober.  It’s good advice.  So today, the camera does the talking.

Anna doing her “magic hands” when I walk into her bedroom.  How can I be in a bad mood when I’m greeted with that every morning?

The plan was to share these three eggs with Anna.

I totally ate the whole plate.  It was the first real food I’d had in days and I don’t feel guilty at all.  Not one. little. bit.

This is my car loaded with the kids’ old clothes, some books I had to get rid of, and some questionable decorating choices.  This is especially gratifying because I accomplished two things by putting these things in my car.  First, I am donating some things to the Goodwill, which helps people.  Second, my dining room now looks huge.  This stuff was stacked against the wall in there for over 2 months.  Now, I wonder how long it will be in there before I actually take it to the drop-off?

There’s nothing better than the perfect cup of coffee.  It’s taken me months, but I’ve finally achieved the perfect white mocha.  Double yum.

Anna, the little angel, has tuckered herself out with dancing, playing, and making various messes, and is now taking a much appreciated nap. 

I’ve seen the dishwasher empty maybe three times since I bought it.  And there’s not even anything else to put in it.  This is a huge deal. 



This is what a laundry looks like when the clothes that seven people have worn over the last four days finally gets washed and folded.  I prefer to marathon wash and then fold all in one sitting.  Is this a positive thing?  Absolutely!  You’re looking at 6 loads of laundry done in one morning!  THAT is progress.  Will they be wrinkled when I finally get around to folding them?  Of course.  But they will be clean.

 Bonus:  The kids took their clothes directly to their rooms and now the couch is clean.  What a treat for you.  You got to see a laundry cycle completed.  Believe me, it’s a rare thing.

Well, that was a pretty standard day for me, but with a different attitude.  The day started off very dreary and rainy.  It’s my least favorite kind of weather and it affects my mood way more than it should.  When I was outside loading up my car, the sun suddenly broke through the clouds and it quit raining.  It brightened my day considerably.  Was it some kind of sign?  Or a reward?  I don’t know, but maybe there’s more to this positive thinking stuff than I realize.


5 thoughts on “Positive Thinking Gets the Laundry Done

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  2. wow, seeing the picture really makes it sink in. What a big bunch of laundry! I dont even want to KNOW about the dishes! I can barely handle dishes for two.

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