Stymied Again!

Daily Foglifter:  A ‘jiffy’ is an actual unit of time for 1/100th of a second.

What a lovely day!  The sun is shining.  There’s not a dirty dish in the house.  I have no errands to run.  I know exactly what we’re having for dinner, it’s easy to prepare, and everyone in the house likes it.  I discovered that the laundry basket does, indeed, have a bottom.   To top it off I had a very lovely comment this morning from a fellow blogger in the United Kingdom.  So why am I now gnashing my teeth and barely restraining myself from bashing my head against the wall?  Oddly enough, it’s because of that lovely comment.

The comment came from Wordwatch.  I love this blog.  It’s about language and the correct way to use it.  It’s an excellent resource for writers, covering everything from grammar and punctuation to proper word usage.  I was just wondering the other day whether a word that begins with the letter “h” needed “a” or “an” in front of it.  I found the answer I was looking for on Wordwatch.  Since her business is effective language, I’m honored by her compliment.  She even left me a piece of advice. 

She suggested I disguise my email address to prevent spam and even left me a link explaining how to do it.  I hate spam.  I’ve blogged about how much I hate spam.  (See: Misery Loves Company). I appreciated the tip.  Of course, she had no idea how technologically stupid I am.  She had no idea that I would be left floundering in a sea of “help” forums, trying to figure out how to do this.  To make matters worse, every single one of these how-to guides describes the process as “easy” or “simple.”  My lovely, carefree day has turned into an ugly, muddled storm of frustration and humiliation.     

I have spent more than an hour trying to figure it out.  I am completely flummoxed.  Can anyone help? 

“Press any key…hmmm where’s the any key?”  ~Dan Castellaneta




9 thoughts on “Stymied Again!

  1. Put it down Erin & walk away! Try again later.

    Curiosity question/suggestion for daily foglifter . . . How far is “yonder”?

  2. Oh, no — now I’m on a massive guilt trip. I disguise my email address by doing this:


    Not as fiendish as the ways described by TT, and probably not quite as effective – but better than just putting your email address out there for the spambots to pounce on.

    Btw – thanks for your reply to my other comment. It’s only me who has to worry about spelling and grammar on my blog! I’m not bothered by others’ writing standards!

    Best wishes from Blighty.

    • Don’t feel guilty! I over-react to everything. I’m just confused about the whole email thing. Does it actually work or is it just a sham email to use when one is required? I think I’m missing a vital piece of information somewhere. I have only had the internet in my home for 8 months and starting a blog is the first thing I’ve ever done beyond facebook and email. My lack of knowledge is borderline embarrassing.

      • It just means that when real people (as opposed to bots from the evil empire of Spam) want to email you, they ‘translate’, for example, ‘dot’ to a proper ‘.’ and ‘at’ to ‘@’. So they’d look at my address and actually type: deborah.bennison…etc

        • I must be an evil empirical bot because I honestly didn’t recognize the actual words in there either. Geez, now I really feel stupid. Thanks so much!

    • Both are acceptable. However, if the “h” makes an audible sound as in hotel or hospital, it’s always “a.” If the “h” is silent as in “honor” or…something else, it’s “an.” The only thing I’m still confused about is the word “humble.” I know people who pronounce it with an audible “h” and a silent “h.” I guess you choose how to write it based on how you say it.

      Thanks for the comment. Your site is great. It’s inspiring to see people who care enough to DO something instead of just talking about it.

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