Three Weeks of momfog, by the numbers.

Today completes my third week of momfog.  I thought I’d share my site stats with you. 

Those are the numbers.  Are they good, bad, or average?  I have no earthly idea.  I admit I have Googled “How many views is good for a new blog?”  I couldn’t nail down a number.  I’m more interested in what people read most anyway.  I find the subjects of the highest viewed days hilarious.  It seems I get more hits when I’m making fun of something or just being unpleasant.  Growing Pains redeems me (and you guys) a little.  It is by far my most gooey offering. 

It’s difficult to write every day.  It’s hard to come up with new subjects and even harder to make them interesting.  I’m going to keep doing it, though.  If you visit one day and find a detailed description of my living room wallpaper, ignore it.  Hopefully I will have recovered by the next time you visit. 

I need your help with a couple of things.  First,  I would love to reach the magic number of 100 visits for a single day.  Please share the blog with anyone who might find it mildly entertaining.  If there’s one particular entry you know someone would enjoy, copy that specific link, and send it directly.   I would love to see that 100 on my stat sheet.

Second, I need your opinion on the Daily Foglifter.  I’m thinking of nixing it.  Please take the time to answer the poll question.  It’s just one little bitty mouse click and it would help me a lot.  Thanks and have a great weekend!


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